04: Thankful for Sound (Transcript)

Craig Shank I’m Craig Shank

George Drake Jr. And I’m George Drake Jr.

Craig Shank And this is Everything Sounds.

George Drake Jr. But this isn’t a regular episode of Everything Sounds. This one is a bit different.

Craig Shank Right. It’s the time of the year where we reflect on the things we’re thankful for.

George Drake Jr. And, of course, what are we thankful for Craig?

Craig Shank Sound.

George Drake Jr. Exactly. Sound.

Craig Shank So for this episode we thought we’d do something a little bit different.

George Drake Jr. During the course of our previous episodes, we’ve asked our guests, what is it about sound that is important to them, and we’ve gotten a variety of answers.

Craig Shank Now, we explained in an earlier episode why sound is important to us:

George Drake Jr. …it starts off short because you’re going a bit fast. So it goes, “Brrrdff.” Then it gets slower because you’re slowing down. It goes, “Brrrrrddff….Bbrrrrrrrdddfff.” And then finally you get to the last one. It’s just, “Bbrrrrrrrrddddffffff…”

Craig Shank  It starts out by going, “Buh duh bah duh buh duh buh.”

*Bass line from “So What”

Craig Shank …and then it goes “BAA DUH”

*Piano from “So What”*

George Drake Jr. *laughter*

Craig Shank …and then, “Buh duh bah duh bah duh buh.”

*Bass line from “So What”

Craig Shank …and then another, “BAA DUH”

*Horns and Piano from “So What”


George Drake Jr. But today we’ll focus on what the people we’ve interviewed had to say.

Craig Shank …some of which we’ve heard from before…

Patrick Flaherty Patrick Flaherty…

Ben Shine Ben Shine…

Jesse Seay My name is Jesse Seay.

Scotty Iseri My name is Scotty Iseri.

George Drake Jr. …and some we haven’t heard from yet…

Jeff Kowalkowski Sure! I’m Jeff Kowalkowski and I’m a composer and music educator.

Alex Inglizian My name is Alex Inglizian. I work here at the Experimental Sound Studio. I’m the chief engineer as well as the technical supervisor.

Craig Shank This week, in addition to giving thanks to family, friends, and loved ones…

George Drake Jr. …we’re giving thanks to sound….

Scotty Iseri Of the senses, sound is the most visceral…

Alex Inglizian …pressure waves moving through the air…

Scotty Iseri …and it’s the one that is…

Jesse Seay …sound is one of the ways that we perceive motion…

Scotty Iseri …sneakily physical.

Alex Inglizian It’s physical vibration and…

Jesse Seay Sound is the manifestation of energy…

Alex Inglizian …our eardrums are actually responding to the physical pressure waves, just like you can feel the vibration through your fingers through an object.

Jesse Seay …energy being transferred through various media…

Scotty Iseri You didn’t just hear with your ears, but you could also feel it all the way up through your tailbone.

Jeff Kowalkowski For me, I’d rather listen to a good piece of music than watch a movie. I’m not sure why.

Alex Inglizian There’s something that’s really natural about listening to two notes in harmony, you know?

Patrick Flaherty Sound is now another tool that visual artists have at their disposal and…

Jeff Kowalkowski …but it’s, I get something else out of it than I would from the visual world.

Scotty Iseri In a way, we live in a very visual world, a very visual society and…

Jesse Seay I don’t think people think about it very much, though. I think it’s something that we take for granted.

Jeff Kowalkowski It’s certainly true that we are more impressed as a society by what we see than what we hear.

Patrick Flaherty To me, if I was cataloguing artists, I mean, sound is going to be one of those tools. It’s just another media that people can use.

Scotty Iseri Taking the time to listen and to look at the world that is just coming through your ears is an entirely different experience.

Jesse Seay …just how much certain sounds can distract us from stuff…

Alex Inglizian I mean, you can probably describe it and you can break it down into a science, but it’s about, sort of, ratios and equal ratios in terms of the physical vibration and…

Jesse Seay …and it’s because sound is really powerful.

Alex Inglizian …it probably ultimately feels good to hear it too.

Scotty Iseri That’s why I like sound.

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Craig Shank Until next time, I’m Craig Shank.

George Drake Jr. …and I’m George Drake Jr.

Craig Shank …and this is Everything sounds

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