Craig Shank is an Indiana native and New York resident that developed a passion for music and broadcasting at an early age. While in college, Craig balanced internships, part-time jobs, and volunteer opportunities that allowed him to spend most of his time outside of the classroom in broadcast facilities. His interest in sound and digital media paired with extensive broadcasting experience led Craig to create Everything Sounds with his longtime friend and collaborator, George Drake Jr. He is fascinated by the cosmos and has a cat named Pumpkin.

George Drake Jr. grew up in Chicago, but spent time in Indiana and London before returning to the Windy City. His passion for music and background in theatre as a teenager made George a perfect fit in the world of radio. Following his involvement at WIUX, WXRT, and WTTS George took his dedication to his craft to the next level when he traveled overseas to pursue his Masters in Radio at Goldsmiths College, U. of London. George has consistently allowed his ears and intuition to find and promote sounds that will have an impact. His favorite band is The Books, he enjoys a spicy Bloody Mary and finds any excuse to wear a tie.


imageAlex Adey
Contributed to: 53: The Black Country
Alex is a sport radio producer who lives in London. She likes (proper) football, The Shins & people who visit her Soundcloud page.



Jeff Emtman
Contributed to: 38: Musician’s Building
Jeff loves old road bikes, has a beard and cooks his own damn food. You can hear more from his podcast Here Be Monsters.


emilejpg-64e5a0b9c578cb11Emile Klein
Contributed to: 35: The Grand Guitar
Emile K. makes things with, for, and about interesting people (read: everyone). He runs the collaborative program You’re US.


simon-suitcroppedSimon Newton
Contributed to: 43: The Legacy of Spence Broughton
Simon is a journalist and multimedia content producer based in the UK.  He’s not to be confused with the Sky News journalist or the professional pirate.

avatars-000036828393-8wwzm3-t500x500Max Owens
Contributed to: 17: Most Relaxing Song, 40: London Parakeets
Max Owens is an independent producer based in London. You can hear more of his work on Soundcloud.


3 thoughts on “Staff

  1. I enjoyed your episode about the guitar building a lot! You guys have a great, easy-going style. I could listen to you all day! Well, when I’m not working, writing, podcasting, reading, or listening to NPR. Your show should be on NPR!

  2. I just started listening to your show and LOVE it! You have an awesome show that piques my interest in audio. As a native Hoosier and current Indianapolis resident, I was surprised to see you both have lived in Indiana. Anyway, I think you’re show is awesome, and maybe someday you’ll agree to let me interview you both for my podcast. Keep up the great work!

    • Thanks for the kind words! We put this show together in the scarce free time that we have and it’s good to know that people are enjoying it!

      We’re always on board for conversations, so just drop us an email at whenever you’d like to try to set something up.

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