What is Everything Sounds?

Everything Sounds is a podcast and short-form radio program exploring the role of sound in art, science, culture, and our everyday lives. Each program aims to highlight people, places, and ideas that expand our understanding of the power of sound.

How can I listen to this show?

You can listen on our homepageiTunes, SoundcloudStitcher, Swell, Rivet, Audioboo, and just about any smart phone app that allows you to listen to podcasts. If Everything Sounds isn’t featured on your website or app of choice, let us know. You can also listen to Everything Sounds on PRX Remix. Find out more about how to listen at this page.

How is the show funded?

Craig and George primarily fund, research, record, and edit the show independently. They are now seeking sponsors and would love to hear from you if you or your organization would like to fund future episodes.

How can I support the show?

You can follow us on SoundcloudFacebook, Twitter, and Tumblr for updates and to spread the word. You can support us by downloading and listening to each show, sharing it with your friends on social media, and reviewing the show on iTunes.

Can I submit music to the show?

You are welcome to submit music for use in the show if you are willing to allow the use of the music without monetary compensation. We will not respond to submissions, feature or interview music artists in exchange for utilizing their music, or guarantee that your music can or will be used at all. If your music is appropriate for an episode, it you will receive proper credit for the show(s) that uses your song.

Can I hear the show on the radio?

Everything Sounds is featured on PRX Remix. Find the list of stations and times to listen to the show on this page. You can contact your local public radio station in the United States to let them know that you would like to hear the show on PRX Remix or tell them that you appreciate their support if they have aired our program. However, please be respectful when contacting your local station and do not repeatedly send them messages them about the matter. Stations have to weigh a number of factors when determining their on-air schedules. We hope you will show your support for the other excellent offerings that these stations broadcast.

Can I suggest a story idea?

You are welcome to suggest story ideas, but we are not able to respond directly to all pitches. We appreciate all suggestions and feedback, but we must focus on producing new episodes and cannot craft responses for all inquiries. You are welcome to email us, post ideas to Facebook, or tweet your ideas. Do your best to keep your pitch to a few paragraphs or less and include any important information that might help us in our research process. Also, keep in mind that the best stories will have characters, themes, and action that make the story compelling. Please pitch one story per email, keep the pitch brief, and let us know if you are a writer, journalist, or producer and would like to create the piece yourself.

Do you have any advice for podcasters/audio producers?

We did a question and answer session with students enrolled in a digital journalism course in Switzerland that may have some helpful information. If there’s anything else you’d like to know, contact us!

Tell me about the logo

Our logo was designed by Eric Emch (http://www.ericemch.com/) and showcases a number of famous landmarks reflected to create a waveform. This concept helps us to visually represent sound in our world.

What podcasts do you recommend?

Radiolab, This American Life, 99% Invisible, WTF with Marc Maron, Bullseye with Jesse Thorn, The Memory Palace, On the Media, Star Talk with Neil DeGrasse Tyson, Science Friday, How to Do Everything, Stagedive, Snap Judgement, Decode DC, The Moth, Here Be MonstersLove + Radio, Radio Ambulante, Re:Sound, Radio Diaries, UnFictional, Story Collider, The Broad Experience, and Backstory come to mind.

Can I get a transcript of a show?

We maintain an archive of our transcripts on this page. We have limited resources, so some episodes may not be up immediately. We will do our best to keep our transcripts up to date.

What is that song that I heard on the show?

We will do our best to include information about music featured on a show in each episode’s description. If the episode does not have information on the music, that usually means that Craig has composed it for the show in question or it is royalty-free. You can find some of Craig’s original compositions on Soundcloud. Please explore the archives or use the search function on the site before contacting us to ask about musical selections.

What equipment do you use to produce the show?

Craig and George record exclusively by using Zoom H2 and H4N recorders, edit with Adobe Audition CS 5.5 (Mac) and Soundbooth, and mix using basic computer speakers. Everything Sounds is not the product of the latest and greatest technology or a large staff. It is the product of two individuals and their dedication to delivering a unique listening experience.

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  1. Love the show! As a listener, I’ve grown very fond of your podcast that is up on soundcloud ! It really gave me a deeper appreciation for sound, && mostly for found sounds. I’m a huge fan of Nick Zammuto, && truly appreciate the interview ya’ll did with him! I’ve come to find that recorded interviews are so inspiring, && I feel like they really help the artist to feel understood. You guys compliment people very well too! Thank you for making that happen. Your idea for this radio show was absolutely brilliant. I’ve shared the show on facebook, && exclaimed about the “Everything Sounds Podcast” “45: Sounds of Skateboarding” in my post! Super genius! The best part for me was realizing that once familiar with the sound that a certain trick makes, you’re able to recognize that trick with the same sound! It makes perfect sense. Keep doing what you do because you’re doing it well ! Thank you.

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