Foley Tips and Tricks

In our recent “Foley Follies” episode, we offered up an introduction to foley artistry. Scotty Iseri shared some information that you might find useful. If you’re curious about ways to make your own sound effects, here are some tips:

1. Let the drawers in your refrigerator be your playground
With various food types, textures, and packaging, your fridge has plenty of diverse sound options for you to utilize when making your creations.

2. Location, location, location
If you’re recording with a microphone, try placing it at different positions in relationship to your subject. You can create new sounds with the same objects depending on if you move in closer or keep your distance. If you want to use tip #1 with this tip, grab a piece of celery from your refrigerator, place the mic up close, and run your finger across the vegetable and it may sound like the hull of a boat.

3. Putty can be your best friend
Scotty recommends “fart putty” that you can easily find at many dollar stores. This putty can be tossed, squished, stretched, and utilized in a number of different scenarios. He calls it his “secret weapon.” Kids of the 90’s might remember it as “gak.”

4. Experiment
It seems like obvious advice, but the best way to find potentially useful sounds is to get your hands on different things in different places. Hit two objects against each other, move your subject to another place, and try something different.

5. Have no shame
Don’t be embarrassed about experimenting with sounds. If you’re interested in creating unique sounds you might have to put yourself in some unique situations. Have fun and enjoy the process. There’s nothing silly about that!

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