18: Soundwalk

While Stephan Crasneanscki was working towards his Ph.D, he found that museum guides were lacking personality and feeling. He set out to create his own audio tours that were designed to have the listener discover the story of a location while getting lost in it. From there, Soundwalk Collective was born. Now, Stephan travels the world with his collaborators to use sounds to bring attention to the experiences and people that may normally go avoided or unnoticed. Hear two of their recent works below:

Ulysses Syndrome:

This episode uses these sound effects from freesound.org:
‘trail_footsteps_1_0725_102951.wav’ by Ephemeral_Rift, ‘Car Door Shut.wav’ by jpkweli, ’morning_birds’ by morgantj, ‘wind in the trees’ by cajo, ‘16.12.2011.013.wav’ by deathicated, ‘crowds in yard.wav’ by cognito perceptu, ‘running leafy area loop.wav’ and ‘running gravel or dry leaves loop.wav’ by bevangoldswain, ‘small_person_animal(s)_in_leaves.wav’ by superEGsonic, ‘KidsAtPlayground.wav’ by gynation

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Photo by Jefferey Turner

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