13: The Sounds of East London

Dominic WIlcox is an established artist in London, England. His work ranges from sculpture, clothing design, drawings and more recently a vinyl record. The ‘Sounds of Making in East London’ is a commissioned work by Dominic after he was asked to create a ‘souvenir of East London.’ Instead of taking a traditional route, he went around to the ‘makers’ of the East end and recorded them on the job. The resulting work is a tribute to the overlooked and forgotten jobs of England.

This episode uses these sound effects from freesound.org:
‘air-raid’ by blaukreuz, ‘Marines in Firefight Gunbattle (Raw audio)’ by qubodup, ‘BellChurch’ by mich3d, ‘morning_birds’ by morgantj, ‘20120715_ourense.bell.01’ by dobroide, ‘thsha1_binaural_church_bell_20060528_1’ by thsha1, ‘01112 church bells 3’ by Robinhood76, ‘Sirmione – Kirchenläuten’ by aarom

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Photo by Dominic Wilcox

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