11: Microphone Museum

Bob Paquette has been collecting microphones for over six decades. His collection resides in his microphone museum that resides in the building that houses his family business in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Bob shared his knowledge of microphones and audio technology as well as anecdotes about the ill-fated Turner “Colortone” microphones, performers’ fears about using early microphones, and how portions of his collection ended up in the hands of a famous director. For more on microphones, you can check out Bob’s book, The History and Evolution of the Microphone.

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2 thoughts on “11: Microphone Museum

  1. What a rich and surprising journey it was for me to listen to your interview and all the accompanying sounds! I happen to be a musician and be blind. Soundscapes are key in my life. Also, my ability to recognize and classify sound is excruciatingly well-developed. This program was the first time I’ve heard Everything Sounds. I am inspired to know that there is someone like Bob who has devoted so much time and energy to preserving and sharing microphone history.

    I’ve fantasized about recording the sounds I pay attention to in preparing and cooking all kinds of food. From those, it would be interesting to prepare a narrated sequence to share with sighted listeners. Hearing your work strengthens my desire to find ways to do this.

    Harriotte, from Somerville, Massachusetts

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