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What is Everything Sounds?

Everything Sounds is a podcast and public radio feature that explores the role of sound in art, science, history, and everyday life. Each episodes highlights unique people and stories who demonstrate the importance of sound in our world. The show has featured segments about electronic music pioneer, Bernie Krause, a history of South African gumboot dancing, misogyny in online gaming communities, and many other topics. The show is fun, engaging, and encourages listeners to consider their world in new ways.

What does the show sound like?
iTunes reviewers have said the show sounds “immaculately produced,” “colorful, wholesome, and playful,” “on par with the best NPR podcasts,” and “like the crazy stepchild of Radiolab and This American Life.” You can hear it for yourself by listening to some of our favorite episodes:

Who listens to Everything Sounds?

Everything Sounds attracts a diverse audience, but the primary listeners are young and educated.*

12 – 17            4%
18 – 24          23%
25 – 34          42%
35 – 44          12%
45 – 54          13%
55 – 64           4%
65+                2%

High school/GED 8%
Some college 27%
Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent 33%
Master’s Degree or higher 33%

*Percentages based on data obtained from in the second quarter of 2014.

Who hosts the show?

Craig Shank is an Indiana native and New York resident that developed a passion for music and broadcasting at an early age. While in college, Craig balanced internships, part-time jobs, and volunteer opportunities that allowed him to spend most of his time outside of the classroom in broadcast facilities. His interest in sound and digital media paired with extensive broadcasting experience led Craig to create Everything Sounds with his longtime friend and collaborator, George Drake Jr. He is fascinated by the cosmos and has a cat named Pumpkin.

George Drake Jr. grew up in Chicago, but spent time in Indiana and London before returning to the Windy City. His passion for music and background in theatre as a teenager made George a perfect fit in the world of radio. Following his involvement at WIUX, WXRT, and WTTS George took his dedication to his craft to the next level when he traveled overseas to pursue his Masters in Radio at Goldsmiths College, U. of London. George has consistently allowed his ears and intuition to find and promote sounds that will have an impact. His favorite band is The Books, he enjoys a spicy Bloody Mary and finds any excuse to wear a tie.

Where can you hear Everything Sounds?

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Everything Sounds is heard on PRX Remix. PRX Remix is a unique mix of podcasts, interviews, storytelling and other unique sounds. You can listen to PRX Remix online or at: WGBHWBURKUTWFAEWVXUKCPWNIPR, WOUBKUOWKPBZWREMNortheast Indiana Public Radio-HD3KALWWFPLKLCC HDWRVO-REMIX (WRVO-2) HD, and WTJU

Who is writing about Everything Sounds?

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How can I get in touch?

If you’re interested in using an episode of Everything Sounds on your radio station or other project, license the shows on PRX.

All other inquiries can be directed to

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