33: $100 Guitar Project

In 2010, Nick Didkovsky’s friend, Chuck O’Meara, sent him an email with a cryptic subject line. The email had a small picture of an unbranded red guitar that had a price tag of $100. They joked about splitting up the cost amongst friends and letting everyone use it to record their own projects. Before they owned the guitar the word spread and they had dozens of people committed to the idea of recording with it. Find out how this inexpensive guitar went from being a joke to traveling the world with the $100 Guitar Project.

You can purchase the $100 Guitar Project Two-CD set to benefit CARE at this link. All selections from this episode were featured on this compilation.

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Correction: In this piece we refer to Greg Anderson’s song as “Bale Wagon Blues.” The title is simply, “Bale Wagon.” We regret the error.

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