31: Not in the Kitchen Anymore

Jenny Haniver has been a gamer as long as she can remember. When she and her husband bought an XBOX 360 they began to dive into the world of online gaming. While she was playing, Jenny began noticing other gamers’ reactions to her. She began recording those interactions and used them for an art installation and eventually for her website, Not in the Kitchen Anymore. Learn about how these recordings of online gaming are opening up a discussion on gender issues in the gaming community.

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As we noted in the episode, “Jenny Haniver” is a pseudonym. That was the name given to an airship in the Mortal Engines Quartet book series by Phillip Reeve. Jenny Hanivers also refer to dried out skates or rays that sailors would try to make into mermaids or other forms and sell to other sailors and tourists.

If you’re so inclined, here is what a Jenny Haniver looks like:

Jenny Haniver

Photo by Wikipedia user M.Violante.

Episode Photo by Flickr user Sklathill

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