30: The Silent Age

Over the years, sound effects and music have been used to make video game experiences more memorable or immersive. Smart phones and mobile technologies have allowed developers to further explore the role of sound in their games. One recent release from House on Fire titled The Silent Age allows players to lead their character on a time-traveling journey where sound creates an unusual and eerie atmosphere. Learn more about the game in this episode with Nevin Eronde and Thomas Ryder.

If you’d like to try The Silent Age find it in the iTunes App store.

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Episode 1 Trailer:

Episode 2 Screenshots:

Silent Age Episode 2 Screenshot Silent Age Episode 2 Screenshot Silent Age Episode 2 Screenshot

Read updates on Episode 2 on The Silent Age blog.

This episode featured the following audio from freesound.org:
‘Orchestra Tuning2.wav’ by gelo_papas


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  1. I had to download this game on iOS after listening. I think listening to this episode before playing the game should be required!

  2. I love the sound I heard tonight in my car on SiriusXm 123. I will have to put my head phones on to get the best experience. Thank you for your work.

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