25: The Packard Campus

Cold War tensions led to the creation of a Federal Reserve bunker inside of Mount Pony in Culpepper, VA in 1969. The bunker stored cash and currency that could help restart the United States economy in the event of a catastrophic incident. Such an incident never occurred and the location remained largely unused through the the 90’s. The location has since turned into the home of the Library of Congress Packard Campus for Audio-Visual Conservation. Learn about lost films, the National Jukebox, IRENE, how big a petabyte is, and much more on a tour of the facility featuring Gene DeAnna and Matthew Barton.

Photos are used with permission of Glenn Fleishman of The Magazine and The New Disruptors. Read more about the Packard campus in his feature for Boing Boing. Find more images in his Flickr gallery.

This episode used the following sounds from freesound.org:

‘typewriter22.oog’ by tams_kp, ‘Pinning Machine 02.wav’ by dnewtonjr, ‘Steam Whistle.wav’ by NLM, ‘44_black_powder.wav’ by Jon285


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